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Diabetes and Mood Swings in Men

Diabetes and Mood Swings in Men

As diabetes goes uncontrolled, so do mood swings in men. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels will greatly affect the person’s inability to put his actions and moods in check. Most of the time, men lash out at everyone and is easily annoyed by seemingly little things. It might take as little as a crumpled shirt, accidental mess and other little mishaps for a diabetic man to show extreme behavioral responses that may sometimes not only hurt other people emotionally, but physically as well.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a medical condition characterized by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or have a problem maximizing its functions. Insulin draws glucose from the bloodstream and helps it enter the cells so that they can be used as fuels for the body’s metabolism. When more glucose is left in the bloodstream than used by the cells, blood sugar levels may increase thereby developing diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes-Hormones Connection

The rise and fall of sugar levels in the body may be attributed to rise and fall of hormones in the body, subsequently, it may also work the other way around.   Hormonal levels could very well affect the blood glucose levels too. Estrogen in women tends to increase blood sugar’s affinity to insulin thereby decreasing levels of blood sugar as they are used up by the cells. Progesterone on the other hand has the opposite effects as it hastens the ability of insulin to transport sugar to the cell and as a result will leave more glucose in the bloodstream unused causing high blood sugar levels.

In men, as they grow older, testosterone levels may decline and estrogen levels may rise. This stage is known as andropause and is similar to menopause in women. As these levels fluctuate, so will blood glucose levels, and during this time of their lives, men tends to be very aggressive and have “frightening” mood swings.

Effects of Mood Swings

There are a lot of reports about careless judgment and mild to wild outbursts in men in relation to diabetes. During those circumstances, a lot of feelings may be hurt as a diabetic individual has the tendency to lash out at anybody without considering other people’s feelings. This may happen even to normal people, but it could happen twice as often and as easy for a diabetic person. Marriages may be put on the rocks with these attitudes and families could be in danger of breaking up. The bad thing about this is that diabetes-induced mood swings in men mostly happen on an impulse and then they tend to forget about it ever happening. Although generally just part of diabetes side effect on men, the effects on the people who are subjected to the fiery episodes will remember the feeling for years. This greatly affects relationships in a negative way.

Other Reasons for Mood Swings in Men

Aside from the fact that hormones play a great role in the ups and downs of diabetes and mood swings, “many men go through a period of guilt, anger, and remorse when they found out they have type 2 diabetes” says Nutritional researcher Sam Graci. Men often feel guilty that they could have been better if they took better care of themselves. Men often blame their own actions for having diabetes and will tend to be emotionally stirred by the fact that now they will have to deal with the disorder for the rest of their lives. This feeling of remorse will often lead to anger and outburst especially when they are still trying to figure out what to do about it. Hence, a simple error on the part of people surrounding him could aggravate the situation and cause him to blow up in anger.

What To Do

For most men, they need to understand how diabetes works and assuring them that although it cannot be treated, it can however be maintained. If you live with a diabetic man who has episodes of these so called “blow ups”, having  patience and more understanding in the situation can be beneficial for everybody. Blood glucose levels should also be routinely checked and maintained properly in order to prevent future outbursts to happen. Well controlled diabetes, coupled with healthy lifestyle comprised of eating healthy foods and proper exercise, will greatly change his perceptions on life and therefore could also affect his stress levels and how he deals with it.